Pinnacle SMP

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Server Rules

Please note: Violation of any of these rules is subject to your banning and unwhitelisting from the server. This list of rules is subject to change and can be retroactively enforced if needed. Please play nice and fair and lets all just have fun!

  1. No Griefing (This includes 1x1 pillars and dirt/ugly structures littered throughout the land)
  2. No cheating (no hacks or the like)
  3. No stealing (Ask before you take or you will be automatically banned)
  4. Don't ask to become staff (these positions are elected)
  5. Don't impersonate staff (this is hard to do, but still don't do it)
  6. No spamming
  7. No racism
  8. No shouting (all caps)
  9. No unapproved links
  10. Be appropriate (No counting up or down in chat)
  11. Don't complain about lag (if its bothering you, report it on the website and know it is being looked in to)
  12. No begging (asking nicely once or twice is acceptable)
  13. No player killing without consent.
  14. No redstone clocks or devices that will run 24/7 without approval
  15. No offensive builds, names or skins.
  16. No death traps or places where other users will definitely die
  17. No scamming players
  18. All technical issues are to be reported through the Help Desk on our website